3 Ways To Keep Your Floors In Tip-Top Condition!

Updated: Mar 9

Your floors are one of the most overlooked assets within your business premises and they are the first thing your customers experience when they visit your business.

Maintaining clean floors protects your property, customers, and staff against slips and falls caused by dirt on floor surfaces. Floors can get damaged in numerous ways: chewing gum, cigarette, seating furniture and dirt and grime brought in from the streets.

There are a variety of different floorings including hardwood, laminate and marble. Keeping them clean is an important task.

Floors are the first thing your customers experience when they visit your business

Small damages such as scratches or abrasions can lead to further problems in future, here are some tips to keep your floors in tip-top condition:

How to clean and maintain hardwood floors

Hardwood flooring is a solid timber flooring made of real wood, harvested from a variety of trees like oak, walnut, pine. It is extremely durable and will last for years, if well-maintained.

Hardwood floors will bring warmth and style to any business premises, but they do require maintenance.

We recommend sweeping your timber floors every day to keep them looking in tip-top condition and remove grit, as this can scratch the floor’s finish. The best thing to use is a brush with soft bristles or a vacuum cleaner to stop dust and dirt from getting ground into the floor. Avoid using a broom with hard bristles as this also could scratch the wood.

It’s important to know the best way to clean and maintain this flooring. Be wary of excess liquid on your hardwood flooring, as this can eventually cause warping. Avoid over-mopping with excess water or any other liquid cleaners; instead, where possible use a damp mop.

For general cleaning, prepare the cleaning solution, D-Greaser, Concentrated Floor Cleaner, Gem Gel Lemon or Supreme Citrus in a bucket. Wet either a mop or a sponge with cleaning solutions. Mop or wipe the floor carefully, ensuring that the floor does not have excess liquid. Ensure that the mop or sponge is free of dirt or grit by changing the cleaning solution regularly. Rinse the floor with warm water. Ensure that the floor dry’s completely and buffs to shine.

How to clean and maintain laminate floors

Laminate flooring is composed of many layers, including composites of wood materials. The flooring is hard in texture, can withstand heavy foot traffic and is one of the easiest floor types to maintain.

To clean, sweep or vacuum dirt and dust. If you're using a broom to clean up, use a soft bristle broom as harder brooms can scratch the surface. If spills happen, wipe it up immediately with a soft cloth dipped in D-Greaser, Concentrated Floor Cleaner, Gem Gel Lemon or Supreme Citrus.

For a general clean prepare the cleaning solution in a bucket. Use a mop to clean the entire floor. Like Hardwood flooring, ensure the floor does not retain too much excess water. Leave to dry or use a microfibre to soak up any excess water.

How to clean and maintain marble floors

Marble is a very popular natural stone that is quarried and cut into slabs or tiles for a variety of residential and commercial building applications, including countertops, floors, and wall tiles.

Marble is a great addition to your business premises, but its porous nature makes it a high-maintenance surface. Regular care for marble is essential, and prevention of damage during daily activities is highly recommended.

To clean and maintain marble floors, wipe up spills immediately, use a vacuum instead of a broom. Clean your marble floors with a highly diluted mixture of either D-Greaser, Concentrated Floor Cleaner, Gem Gel Lemon or Supreme Citrus and water. Mop or hand clean the marble floor, then dry with a soft, fluffy towel.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can avoid having to pay for expensive floor repair services. By following the tip in this article, you will be able to keep your floors clean and in great shape, saving you money.

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