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Updated: Jan 11

Are you facing a major skill shortage?

The emerging skill shortage is affecting the hospitality sectors throughout the UK and worldwide. This is compounded by the Covid-19 pandemic, Brexit and changes to the immigration act, which have made staff recruitment difficult.

The BCC (British Cleaning Council) carried out a survey including some of the biggest cleaning and hygiene firms, one of these firms reported that vacancies have increased by over 100%.

Staff Shortages?
Is The Health of Your Customers & Staff At Risk?

Companies are turning down business, rescheduling or even cancelling customer bookings as they are unable to meet demand due to staff shortages. Employed staff are under pressure with increased workloads to deliver the tasks within their standard working hours.

There are concerns about the lack of staff to perform the relevant cleaning tasks. If staff have such little time, will the cleaning be completed to the appropriate standards, especially in the current climate? How would these limitations impact customers and staff?

There are a number of strategies to attempt to remedy the staff shortage problem. Some midterm strategies are:

1. Offer more hours to your current employees.

2. Train your team to do more upskilling on specific skillsets.

3. Hire a temporary employee.

4. Hire “unqualified” people, you can train them.

5. Post your job opening on social media.

6. Ensure good working conditions.

7. Increase your wages.

8. Offer benefits.

9. Revamp your hiring and onboarding process.

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Short Term Strategies

In the short term, cleaning products can dramatically save you time and improve hygiene levels, including killing Covid-19 bacteria. We've pulled together some products which we hope will improve your cleaning efficiencies:

Oven Cleaner is suitable for the removal of blood and other associated food by-products. Gems Oven Cleaner is ideal for use in kitchens, bakeries, food plants and other areas that experience food build-ups.

D-Greaser an all-purpose, concentrated detergent degreaser. Effective on a wide range of stains and on a variety of surfaces including metal, glass, plastic, painted or sealed wood.

Combat Plus this super-concentrated sanitiser is safe and easy to use. Cleaning and degreasing in one economical operation, whilst protecting surfaces from bacterial growth between applications.

Gem Wash is a concentrated liquid detergent that is a safe and skin-friendly, yet a highly effective multipurpose cleaning solution. It creates a mild long-lasting foam, perfect for dishwashing by hand and leaves crockery and glassware sparkling clean and streak-free.

Predator is a non-ionic and cationic surface cleaner ideal for kitchens as it contains a powerful degreasing agent that eliminates and disinfects harmful substances and bacteria.

Our cleaning products are quick and easy to use, sanitise at a high level and target Covid-19 bacteria.  Bulk buying is available for all products.

Gems Hygiene have a wide range of products catering for all of your cleaning and health and safety needs. Help and guidance is simply a phone call away. Customer enquiries are welcomed, as meeting customers hygiene needs are very important to the general and specific Health and Welfare of us all. Gems Hygiene products are at your fingertips, to help improve your customer experience and provide visibility in your high cleaning standards.

5 Star Trust Pilot Reviews

Farsley Farfield Primary School - 14 years of great service

I've been trading with this company for 14 years and always had great service from Dawn, have been very happy indeed with the products on offer and the 5-star service (Written by Michael Wilson)

If you are a consumer, concentrated cleaning products will eliminate your need to buy in bulk. This will save you from storing excess products, making your business more effective in tackling climate change.

* Please remember to recycle used plastic bottles appropriately.

For more information about our product instructions and their environmental benefits feel free to give us a call on 0800 0778309 to speak to a member of our team.



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