Festive Season: Kitchen Maintenance Checklist Tips

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Christmas 2021, is so important for the Hospitality industry. With the year we’ve had, and businesses closed for most of it due to the pandemic, it’s never been so prevalent to ensure that the hub of the operations ‘the kitchen’ runs as smooth as possible.

Christmas parties start as early as late November, right through to the end of December. In addition, there are businesses open on those festive holidays like Christmas & Boxing Days. We need to ensure that we are best placed to offer our customers the superb service they deserve and demand.

Preparation is key for a successful festive seasonal service

The last thing you, your staff and your customers want in this festive season is for things to break down and really affect kitchen and front of house services. So preparation is KEY!

So have you and your head chef, completed your kitchen checklist? Have you checked all of your equipment?

We've pulled together some tips to assist you. Let's start with the most frequently used equipment. Typically these would be your stove and oven, dishwasher, cooking equipment, fridge, sink, food preparation and floor surfaces.

Stove and Oven

Stoves and ovens are a major workhorse within the kitchen, food and grease can build up very quickly and if not kept under control can cause smoke and even a fire. A thorough clean inside and out, paying particular attention to those removable items such as racks. Oven Cleaner and Heavy D-Greaser is really effective in brea

king down food particles and removing grease.


Don’t forget about the dishwasher. Food waste build-up can cause hazards to the internal mechanics as well as harmful bacteria potentially affecting the health of customers. Maintaining good hygiene practice by thorough cleaning is essential for a busy kitchen by using Combat Plus and Gem Wash products.

Kitchen Equipment

Your kitchen appliances are really going to be under pressure this coming month, so ensure they are up for the task. Start with the most used equipment and check for any faults, book them in for a service if needed. Remove any build-up of dirt and grime using Predator. Dirt could hinder you in terms of breakdowns or even cause a fire.


Fridge hygiene can have a major impact on the quality and safety of your food. So it's important not only to sanitise your fridge daily using our product Predator but to complete a comprehensive clean especially in preparation for the coming month. Unplug the fridge, empty it completely, remove any out of date food items. Sanitise the fridge inside and out. Combat Plus product will help you with degreasing and sanitising. Pay particular attention to the refrigerator coil system, where dirt and dust build-up.

Sink & Food Preparation Surfaces

Due to the heavy traffic, the sink and food preparation surfaces typically get regularly cleaned throughout the day. But they still need a comprehensive clean. Remove all items and use Predator to give them a thorough clean and remove any bacteria.


Take the time now to pay particular attention to your floors. Your daily routine should normally irradiate the daily grime. But let's prepare for the upcoming busy period. Start in sections, remove all floor objects. Sweep, remove any excess grease layers with a kitchen towel, and mop with our Heavy D-Greaser product, super in breaking down grease and grime, and giving that extra sparkle.

  • Oven Cleaner is suitable for the removal of blood and other associated food by-products. Gems Oven Cleaner is ideal for use in kitchens, bakeries, food plants and other areas that experience food build-ups.

  • Heavy D-Greaser, this heavy-duty alkaline cleaner and sanitiser concentrate is ideal for degreasing areas in a range of hygiene specific industries.

  • Combat Plus, this super-concentrated sanitiser is safe and easy to use. Cleaning and degreasing in one economical operation, whilst protecting surfaces from bacterial growth between applications.

  • Gem Wash is a concentrated liquid detergent that is a safe and skin-friendly, yet highly effective multipurpose cleaning solution. It creates a mild long-lasting foam, perfect for dishwashing by hand. Leaves crockery and glassware sparkling clean and streak-free.

  • Predator is a nonionic and cationic surface cleaner ideal for kitchens as it contains a powerful degreasing agent that eliminates and disinfects harmful substances and bacteria.

Our cleaning products are quick and easy to use, sanitise at a high level and target Covid-19 bacteria.  Bulk buying is available for all products.

Gems Hygiene have a wide range of products catering for all of your cleaning and health and safety needs. Help and guidance is simply a phone call away. Customer enquiries are welcomed, as meeting customers hygiene needs are very important to the general and specific Health and Welfare of us all. Gems Hygiene products are at your fingertips, to help improve your customer experience and provide visibility in your high cleaning standards.

5 Star Trust Pilot Reviews

Farsley Farfield Primary School - 14 years of great service

I've been trading with this company for 14 years and always had great service from Dawn, have been very happy indeed with the products on offer and the 5-star service (Written by Michael Wilson)

If you are a consumer, concentrated cleaning products will eliminate your need to buy in bulk. This will save you from storing excess products, making your business more effective in tackling climate change.

* Please remember to recycle used plastic bottles appropriately.

For more information about our product instructions and their environmental benefits feel free to give us a call on 0800 0778309 to speak to a member of our team.



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