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Updated: Feb 10

Keeping your hands clean is still one of the most effective defences against the spread of germs such as the flu, colds and other potentially harmful bacteria.

Our hands are in constant use (most of the time unconsciously), touching our eyes, mouth, blowing our nose, coughing, sneezing, preparing foods and drinks, and unfortunately touching contaminated surfaces such as phones, doorbells, tables, door handles to name a few.

Keeping our hands clean affects us all, our staff, ourselves, customers and our business operations and cash flow.

How effective are you at hand cleansing?

Washing our hands (Sani-Hands) has always been the preferred method (advised by the Government bodies) of keeping our hands clean and eradicating germs.

But handwashing is not always easy in our 21st-century busy lives. Customers and business owners are constantly on the go, rushed off their feet and often forget about essential hygiene practices.

Hand Sanitisers (Sani Hands Sanitiser Gel) are a great way to keep our hands clean on the go, as it quickly eliminate germs. Hand Sanitisers will never replace effective handwashing techniques but they can be a proficient fill-in when there is a lack of essential cleaning facilities.

Not all Hand Sanitisers are the same, and some Hand Sanitisers are more effective than others. According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Alcohol-based Hand Sanitisers help reduce harmful germs and bacterial.

The CDC recommend that Hand Sanitiser contain at least 60% alcohol. Gems Hygiene Hand Sanitiser (Sani Hands Sanitiser Gel) contains 70% alcohol.

Effective hand cleansing techniques to keep germs a bay and protect others:

Hand Sanitiser
  • ​Wet your hands with running hot or cold water

  • ​Decide how much sanitiser gel would like to use, and apply to hands

  • Apply soap, and rub your hands until lather is produced

  • Rub your hands together, rubbing the gel between your fingers and under your nails

  • ​Continue rubbing your hands together, cleaning between your fingers and under your nails

  • ​Continue rubbing for 15 to 20 seconds

  • Rinse thoroughly and dry your hands

  • Let your hands air dry

Gems Hygiene Guidelines

To help eliminate and reduce the spread of germs, we recommend that Hand Sanitisers are placed in strategic places within your business premises. Here are 5 of our recommendations:

1. Entrances and exit

2. Communal areas, restaurant areas, kitchen

3. Meeting rooms

4. Employee desks

5. High traffic areas

Gems Hygiene provide a range of hand cleansing products, powerful at eliminating and reducing the spread of bacteria. Our products come in varied sizes, including 500mls. We also supply a wall dispenser which is a perfect match with our concentrated dispenser products.

Our cleaning products are quick and easy to use, sanitise at a high level and target Covid-19 bacteria.  Bulk buying is available for all products.

Our selections are:

Gems Hygiene have a wide range of products catering for all of your cleaning, health and safety needs. Help and guidance is simply a phone call away. Customer enquiries are welcomed, as meeting customers hygiene needs are very important to the general and specific Health and Welfare of us all. Gems Hygiene products are at your fingertips, to help improve your customer experience and provide visibility in your high cleaning standards.

5 Star Trust Pilot Reviews

Farsley Farfield Primary School - 14 years of great service

I've been trading with this company for 14 years and always had great service from Dawn, have been very happy indeed with the products on offer and the 5-star service (Written by Michael Wilson)

If you are a consumer, concentrated cleaning products will eliminate your need to buy in bulk. This will save you from storing excess products, making your business more effective in tackling climate change.

* Please remember to recycle used plastic bottles appropriately.

For more information about our product instructions and their environmental benefits feel free to give us a call on 0800 0778309 to speak to a member of our team.



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