The Warning Signs of Blocked Drains

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Blocked drains are notorious for bringing a halt to any well-oiled business operation or a festive occasion. The problem with a blocked drain is that it is hidden, well out of sight and typically is not on most business owners’ radar.

From a customer’s perspective, there is nothing more unappealing than facilities that are not well maintained. Overflowing toilets and sinks, closed facilities, damp walls, and smells due to the accumulation of dirty water, are just some of the problems that can be caused by blocked drains. Gems' Cherry D-Odouriser is particularly useful in eliminating unwanted odours caused by the accumulation of dirty water.

Lurking in your drains could be problems ready to wreak havoc on your business

As we approach winter, the possibility of drains becoming blocked is ever increasing.

Prevention, maintenance, and monitoring are good practices if we seriously want to avoid both the disruption and expense associated with our businesses or private lives.

Kitchen drains cause the most problems. Typically, fat and oil would flow quite easily with water through a drainpipe however, as the winter season sets in, pipes become colder, and the fat solidifies causing pipe blockages.

Drains are often near the bottom of our priorities until faced with emergency call-out fees, starting from £175 a time, and can quickly escalate into much more expensive repairs.

Prevention is better than a cure

Gems Hygiene can prevent expensive call out and repair bills with Blast - Heavy Duty Drain Cleaner, useful for regular maintenance and unclogging drains.

Gems Hygiene's drain maintenance tips

  1. Do not pour fats or oils down sinks or drains

  2. Use Blast - Heavy Duty Drain Cleaner to prevent fatty products and debris from collecting inside your drains

  3. In bathrooms, the use of signs and adequate sanitary collection containers would provide the relevant customer guidance to reduce blocked toilets. If sanitary products do happen to cause a blockage, Blitz - Acid Drain Cleaner can dissolve and resolve this issue.

Products Walk-through

  • Gems' Cherry D-Odouriser Blast is a highly effective, heavy-duty drain cleaner that can be used for regular maintenance and to unclog drains.

  • Blast, the strength lies in its versatility. It is particularly useful on drains, toilets and dustbins, but it will also eliminate odours on floors, walls, tiles, carpets and curtains. Available in 5 litres containers.

  • Blitz, an acid drain cleaner, a dynamic acid drain cleaner that combats, penetrates and seeks out blockages.

Our cleaning products are quick and easy to use, sanitise at a high level and target Covid-19 bacteria.  Bulk buying is available for all products.

If you are a consumer, concentrated cleaning products will eliminate your need to buy in bulk. This will save you from storing excess products, making your business more effective in tackling climate change.

* Please remember to recycle used plastic bottles appropriately.

For more information about our product instructions and their environmental benefits feel free to give us a call on 0800 0778309 to speak to a member of our team.



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